Infinity Wars, the recently released digital trading card game from the independent Australian game developer Lightmare Studios, will feature a Star Trek: The Next Generation upgrade beginning in April. That’s when 20 TNG-themed cards will be phased into the Infinity Wars Universe, enabling players to position their favorite TNG characters in the captain’s chair and/or launch them into combat. Starfleet and the Klingon Empire will be among the new factions introduced, while players can look forward to an all-new play ability referred to as “piloting.”

Infinity Wars is really taking off, and the addition of Star Trek: The Next Generation cards to Infinity Wars will further boost its appeal around the world," Elphie Colye, Lightmare Studios CEO, said in a statement. "We are a small indie team, but our latest incarnations, honoring the timeless Star Trek: The Next Generation, have never made me so proud of our crew. This, along with our recent expectation-shattering success on Steam Early Access, the upcoming Mobile Companion App, and our supportive fans, makes me believe that we are poised to make solid dent in the TCG Multiverse with Infinity Wars."

Infinity Wars' major features include:

•      Every single card beautifully animated

•      Over 300 cards currently available, with new cards released frequently

•      Open trading between players

•      Over 120 single player and multiplayer quests to complete

•      Simultaneous gameplay allows bluff and prediction mechanics never seen before in traditional TCGs

•      Over 120 Single Player campaign and AI challenges

•      Full deck builder allows for millions of custom deck combinations

•      Cross-platform play across PC, Mac, iOS and Android

•      Customizable Deck and Battlefield skins

•      Starting on April 20

Get in on the fun at, and visit the Infinity Wars Steam Store Page to become a part of the Community Hub.


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