The long wait is over. Star Trek fans across the world let it be known that they want an official source for all things Star Trek – news, casting announcements, information about licensed product and collectibles, interviews, episodes, discussion boards, photo galleries and more.  The fans – YOU – have been heard loud and clear, and today marks the re-launch of

What’s on  The site has been designed with newcomers and longtime fans alike in mind.  You love The Original Series?  We’ve got that covered, in depth.  And it’s the same with The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, the feature films and, of course, J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster Star Trek adventure.  Click around.  There’s an official Star Trek database crammed with facts and figures, synopses and biographies.  There are pictures, thousands of them – of scenes from the shows and movies, of products, and even of you in costume.  We’ll preview upcoming licensed products, giving you exclusive glimpses and taking you behind-the-scenes, and also tell you about Star Trek-themed conventions, live shows and touring exhibits heading your way.

Be on the lookout for exclusive, new interviews with your favorite Star Trek actors, as well as the writers, producers, directors, authors and other talents who have helped bring Star Trek – in all its iterations -- to life over the past 45 years.  We’re also going to have guest bloggers, reports from Comic-Con and Creation Entertainment’s annual mega-convention in Las Vegas, and breaking news posted as it’s available.  And there will be an online store through which Star Trek fans can purchase the latest gadgets, gizmos and collectibles.

And that is just the beginning. aims to embrace all of fandom and to be as interactive as possible; look for us on Facebook and Twitter as well.  We’ll be writing features about fans whose lives have been forever changed by Star Trek.  We’ll be asking you for questions that we’ll pose to some of our interviewees; up first: Star Trek's infamous Q, John De Lancie.  On deck: John Billingsley, Doctor Phlox of Enterprise.  We’ll host what should be an exceptionally lively set of discussion boards.  And we’ll also incorporate such top fan sites as TrekMovie, TrekToday and TrekWeb.

If you read about something on, it’s a fact. This is the official Star Trek site and when something runs on you can rest assured that it’s official, not a rumor. One last thing: is kicking off in beta, so forgive us for any bugs or quirks you may encounter, and please let us know about them on our message board.

We’re excited to be back.  We’re thrilled to have you with us.