This May, WizKids/NECA will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 24, and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, continuing with the I.K.S. Drovana.

The I.K.S. Drovana is a Klingon Vor’cha-class ship. While secretly placing cloaked mines in a section of the Bajoran System, the Drovana was seriously damaged when one of the cloaked mines accidentally detonated. The U.S.S. Defiant towed the Drovana back to Deep Space 9 for repairs, where Worf and Kurn were able to secretly obtain the access codes needed to detonate the rest of the cloaked mines.

This brand new expansion marks the return of the Klingon Vor’cha- class ship. The Vor’cha-class has proven very popular in Attack Wing since its first appearance in the Starter Set. While there is a new Mirror Universe Vor’cha-class ship in the 2015-2016 Organized Play Reinforcement Boosters, this is the first time a Klingon Vor’cha has appeared since the Starter Set. The release of the I.K.S. Drovana Expansion Pack has been greatly anticipated by fans. Those familiar with the Vor’cha Class will recognize the strong 5 Primary Weapon Value, 1 Agility, 5 Hull and 3 Shields all for 28 SP. The generic version loses one Shield and one Weapon Upgrade Slot compared to the named version. The I.K.S. Drovana has a special ability that allows you to discard 1 of your non-disabled upgrades to cancel 1 hit or critical hit result.

The I.K.S. Drovana Expansion Pack brings Gowron back into battle, this time as an Admiral in the Klingon Empire. Gowron can be played as either a Skill Level 5 Captain or as an Admiral with no Skill Bonus. Either way, Gowron allows you to add a Battle Stations Token beside your ship. If the ship and Captain are both Klingon, you may immediately perform an additional Action from your Action Bar as a free Action. The Klingon Faction has been in need of more Admirals and Gowron is a great addition by adding a valuable Battle Stations Action to his ship, with the chance to grant another free Action, if both your ship and Captain are also Klingon.         
Kurn is the Captain in this expansion pack and allows you to field 1 Klingon Elite Talent Upgrade. In addition, whenever you defend you may re-roll 1 of your Battle Stations results. If Kurn is on a Klingon ship, he may re-roll up to 2 of his Battle Stations results instead.
Continuing the theme of the I.K.S. Drovana, the Elite Talent in this expansion is Detonation Codes. Kurn managed to obtain the access codes that could detonate cloaked mines remotely. This card adds the long awaited mine sweeping function to Star Trek: Attack Wing. Detonation Codes allows a player to target a Minefield Token within Range 1-3 and then roll the number of attack dice listed on the mine’s Upgrade Card minus 1. All ships within Range 1 of that Minefield Token suffer damage, as normal from any hit or critical hit result. The affected ships do not roll any defense dice. The affected Minefield Token is removed after it is detonated. With the proliferation of cloaked mines, players with be happy to have a new tool to help deal with them. If played properly, you might even be able to damage your enemies in addition to destroying the minefield. 

Bo’rak is a Crew Upgrade that allows you, when attacking, to force a defending ship to re-roll 1 of its defense dice. When your ship is defending, you may roll your full amount of defense dice in spite of the presence of an opposing ship’s Scan Token. 

Photon Torpedoes are the Weapon Upgrade in this expansion pack. Photon Torpedoes uses the Time Token mechanic and add +1 attack die if fired from a Vor’cha-class ship.
There are 3 Tech Upgrades in the I.K.S. Drovana Expansion Pack, each of which serves a different function. Cloaked Mines is a familiar upgrade but these are Klingon Cloaked Mines which are slightly more restrictive in terms of placement when compared to Romulan Cloaked Mines. These mines can only be placed within Range 1 of your ship, but not within Range 1-3 of an enemy ship. However, Klingon Cloaked Mines are every bit as dangerous as their Romulan counterpart, forcing any ship that passes within Range 1 to roll 3 attack dice and suffer any hit or critical hit effects as normal.

Security Sensors is a defensive upgrade that allows you to place an Evade Token beside your ship if an enemy Upgrade or Captain targets your ship. Finally Emergency Power is an Upgrade that will help you remain effective in combat even if you have an Auxiliary Power Token. This Upgrade allows you to perform a Red Maneuver or perform an action even if you already have an Auxiliary Power Token next to your ship.
The Klingons are known for being fierce warriors and now, with the I.K.S. Dravona Expansion Pack, they can bring cloaked mines and a valuable mine sweeping effect to the battlefield. As a result, you can expect to see a resurgence of Klingons on the map as you battle for the glory of the Klingon Empire, Qapla!  

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