We’re sure you’ve seen the photo: Sheldon as Data, Leonard as Captain Picard, Raj as Worf and Howard as a Borg. It is, of course, a scene from tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, entitled “The Bakersfield Expedition.” Now, StarTrek.com has some more scoop about it. First, some plot: The guys decide to go to the Bakersfield Comic-Con, but on the way, they opt to stop for some photos at the Vasquez Rocks, which is where many of the most famous episodes of Star Trek were filmed.  Once there, they get distracted taking photos in their Star Trek costumes and someone steals their car, along with all their cell phones and everything inside it. They are forced to walk to the nearest diner, where they can call the police and a ride home. On the walk, they discuss the fact that they’re all grown men now, and that it might be time to move past their fixation on comic books and fantasy lore.  Meanwhile, Penny, Amy and Bernadette, after discussing their boyfriends’ respective fixations with comic books, take it upon themselves to learn more about comic books. Enter… Thor.




And if those fine threads on Sheldon, Leonard and Raj look familiar, they should. That’s because they’re straight from the folks at Anovos Productions, manufacturers of the highest-quality Trek costumes available to the public. The photo features the show’s actors in Anovos C uniforms, pips and badges, as well as the Worf Baldric, which Anovos will re-release to celebrate the episode. The baldric will be offered as a Premier piece, made by the original artist, Bear Burge, in a very limited run.


The Anovos costumes are high-end, top-of-the-line replicas, designed based on the exacting details of the designers of the various Star Trek shows and films. Click HERE to visit the Anovos collection.  And if you’re looking for a wider assortment, visit the new StarTrek.com Shop for a complete collection of Trek costumes and accessories for men, women and kids.


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