Voyager had the best opening title sequence of any Star Trek series. That’s the consensus of Star Trek fans who voted in our most recent poll. The Voyager opening title sequence grabbed 38% of the vote, handily topping The Next Generation (21%), Enterprise (15%), Deep Space Nine (14%) and The Original Series (11%). Here’s a sampling of reader comments; let us know if you agree with the results.


                                                          Voyager (38%)

                                               The Next Generation (21%)

                                                        Enterprise (15%)

                                                  Deep Space Nine (14%)


                                                The Original Series (11%)


Voyager, hands down. I bought the soundtrack; very soothing.” – Linda Cooley

“The only way Enterprise had a better opening sequence than DS9 was if you had the TV on MUTE.” – Jim Gibbons

 “I voted TOS. According to poll results, that may be hard to explain. It may not be the most exciting, but I just love the old quality and the music.” – Bri Cherie

Voyager for sure. That's the only thing it'll be winning, though...” – Stuart Hetzler

“The opening sequence to Enterprise was the biggest thing that put me off of it. Seriously, every time that title sequence started I had to mute it.” – Toby Martin-Brake

DS9 for me. I love that there are people fixing the station in the background. It highlights what made that series my favorite: people doing their jobs. Enterprise makes me LOL every time. Can't help it.” -- Mary Beth Beckman

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