And the latest photos from the 366 Project at the Roddenberry Vault are devoted to Star Trek: The Animated Series. They're an array of TAS concept art designs depicting characters and ships. The 366 Project at the Roddenberry Vault is a Facebook page on which posts a photo a day in order to celebrate Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and the 50th anniversary of his enduring creation. As fans know, Roddenberry's son, Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, who will serve as an executive producer on the new Star Trek television series, heads up

1. TAS Character Concept

2. Contact sheet for Assignment: Earth Robert Lansing as Gary Seven and Teri Garr as Roberta Lincoln

3. EXT TAS Shuttle Concept

4. TAS Ext Enterprise Concept w/ Notes

5. Kirk Concept Art

6. Klingon Bird of Prey Concept

7. Spock Concept Designs

8. Letter from D.C. Fontana to the Los Angeles Times regarding the tone of the upcoming Star Trek Animated Series

9. TAS Enterprise Concept Scale 3

10. TAS Ship Concept

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