In 2268, the Defiant responded to a distress call in the unexplored Tholian Sector. The crew of the Enterprise discovered the ship adrift three weeks later, caught in a phenomenon known as interphase. A boarding party discovered signs of insanity and mutiny.. The question they now faced was "What happened?"

Star Trek Online's "Tangled Webs” takes 23rd century Starfleet officers to the unexplored Tholian Sector to discover these answers. This is the fourth episode available to temporal agents after the tutorial’s conclusion. Creating a temporal agent will unlock special benefits for that character. Prior to the launch of our latest expansion Agents of Yesterday, Gold and Lifetime players will have access to this mission on Tribble. Once Agents of Yesterday launches, it will be available to all players.

You can easily access this mission by creating a new “Starfleet” character from the character creation screen. Look for future updates on new missions as the launch day approaches, and we’ll see you in-game for the release of Agents of Yesterday.

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