Creation Entertainment has just locked in guests #65 to #70 for the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas this summer. Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn and John de Lancie will be on hand, representing Star Trek: The Next Generation, while Deep Space Nine's Alexander Siddig is also on board. Judson Scott, who played Joachim in The Wrath of Khan, Sobi in the TNG episode "Symbiosis" and Commander Rekar in the Voyager hour "Message in a Bottle," is guest #69. And the honor of being guest #70 belongs to Original Series legend George Takei.

"Our next goal is 80 guests, on our way to reaching 100," Creation Entertainment co-CEO and co-founder Gary Berman told "August sounds far away, but it's really not, so we're lining up our guests and locking down our very special events in anticipation of what should be an unforgettable weekend for our longtime attendees and for newcomers as well."
Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention will be held August 6-9 at the Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas. Visit the Official Convention site for details, and keep an eye on for updates as Creation reveals special events and adds more names to the guest list.
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