The sci-fi sitcom The Neighbors will conclude is first season on ABC with an episode that ventures both to the final frontier and a galaxy far, far away. The March 26 installment, intended to be a cliffhanger (assuming the show is renewed for a second season), will feature guest star appearances by both Star Trek legend George Takei and Star Wars star Mark Hamill. Tim Jo, who plays Reggie Jackson on the sitcom, Tweeted a picture of Mark Hamill and George Takei together.



According to TV Guide, the episode finds the aliens receiving a distress call from their home planet, Zabvron, sent by both Grandpa (Takei) and Commandant Bill (Hamill). TV Guide also spoke to Hamill, who noted that despite years of traveling in the same sci-fi convention circuit, he and Takei had never met until joining forces, pun intended, for The Neighbors. "I apologized to George for not knowing Star Trek as well as most of the people who come up to him," said Hamill, who resided with his family in Japan when Star Trek originally aired. “And he thought that was a breath of fresh air.”


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