Everyone wants Sulu… SULU Pour Homme, that is – and now they can get it.  Genki Wear’s new Sulu fragrance will be available at the upcoming International Comic-Con in San Diego, in Comic-Con exclusive “Air-Tight Bucket of SULU” packaging, but not everyone can beam down to California for the event.

Determined to give any and all who desire the opportunity to sport the masculine scent inspired by the dashing and heroic Hikaru Sulu, Genki Wear will make a limited number of SULU Pour Homme available to fans worldwide via its website at www.shop.genkiwear.com. Those who purchase the SULU Pour Homme cologne online will receive the same exclusive packaging available at Comic-Con.

However, the would-be SULU-scented will have to move at warp speed. The limited edition will only be available online for a short time:  July 16, beginning at 8:00 a.m. EST and running through to 10 p.m. EST.

Product Description

SULU Pour Homme

SULU Pour Homme is the perfect cologne for the man who does everything, whether that’s cataloging exotic plants, collecting antique firearms, or piloting ancient helicopters and advanced starships.

It’s more than just choosing to live your life with style; SULU dives straight to the soul and allows you to release your own Intergalactic Man of Mystery.  That jaunty, fearless swashbuckler of a man who, whether he’s wielding a rapier in a swordfight or commanding the helm of a Constitution-class starship--is always ready for action.

SULU Pour Homme