ThinkGeek has added a batch of new Star Trek tee-shirts to its vast collection, fit for any captain. One shirt features Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory flashing the Vulcan greeting gesture, with the phrase Live Long And Prosper spread out above and below him. The shirt is navy in color. 

Then there's a playful, charcoal-colored shirt called Scotty's Starship Garage, which features that phrase above the Enterprise and, below the ship, the boastful copy, Repairing Warp Cores Since 2241. 
We're also big fans of McCoy's Exotic Animal Veterinary Clinic, a blue shirt which features images of the Enterprise and a couple of Tribbles, as well as the following copy: Get Your Tribble Spayed or Neutered Today!
All three shirts are in stock now, priced at $19.99 each. The shirts are available in a range of sizes, from Small to 3XL. Visit to purchase.
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