The fight for the future – and the past – is heating up. Prepare to boldly go when no-one has gone before... with Star Trek Online.

Federation agents from the 31st century are conducting covert operations to find new recruits. They’ve gone back to the 23rd century, in the early days of Starfleet, to find likely candidates.

For a limited time, these captains can become special Temporal Agents, recruited to track down and disable probes seeded throughout the timeline by the Na’kuhl and their allies. 23rd Century Captains created since the launch of Agents of Yesterday on February 14 are already Temporal Agents in this new reward system. All objectives listed below have been kept track of on currently created characters. All 23rd Century captains created before April 4, 2017 will also be able to take part in this system.

Temporal Agents will play through all of the usual story missions, but in many of them they’ll uncover probes left by the Na’kuhl to gather intel or drop off equipment for enemy operatives. By completing puzzles, Temporal Agent captains can unlock those probes and disable them – and get great rewards in the process. In some cases, the interference of the Na’kuhl may result in new enemies or revelation of new secrets in these missions.

In addition to hunting down temporal probes, Temporal Agents will be able to use their special Temporal Transponder item to claim rewards for completing other tasks, such as finishing story arcs, gaining Reputations, completing Duty Officer commendations, finishing Admiralty campaigns and learning Specialization skills. Unlocking these rewards will also earn rewards for other characters on your account, in addition to providing your Temporal Agent with new traits, gear, and bonus marks.

Temporal Agent Rewards

The rewards for playing a new temporal recruit are many – and the tasks are those that many captains will complete as they play through the story arcs. Long-term dedication is also rewarded with new bonuses.

Find Temporal Probes: Finding and disabling Na’kuhl temporal probes in various missions will award your Temporal Agent with a small box of Marks of your choice. Finding half of the temporal probes will additionally award you with the new Trait: Rapid Support, which reduces the cooldown time of your Engineering, Science, and Tactical Fleet Captain ability. Finding all of the probes will unlock an Improved version of the Rapid Support Trait.

Reach Rank of Admiral: At each new rank you’ll gain a package of gear to enhance your space weapons, space equipment, space consoles, or ground equipment – your choice.

Specializations: Earn Specialization Points and spend them on skills in Specialization Trees – complete full trees to earn more credit. You’ll earn experience boosts and special Temporal Agent Tech Upgrades, and upon completion of three full Specialization trees, you’ll earn additional Tech Upgrades and all of your Improved Specialization Traits will be increased to Superior versions – giving you better abilities from Command Frequency (Command spec), Predictive Algorithms (Intel spec), Pedal to the Metal (Pilot spec), and Linear Progression (Temporal Operative spec) for all captains on your account.

Research & Development: Reaching level 1 in any R&D school grants you five R&D Duty Officers as well as a Rare Aegis Duty Officer. Reaching level 5 in any R&D school grants you a one-time boost of any school to level 10.

Play through Story Arcs: You’ll gain packages of Fleet Marks, Dilithium, and Energy Credits for playing through each Story Arc, including everything through the Breen arc, as well as the Delta Quadrant arc, the Future Proof arc, and the new Yesterday’s War arc. Finishing half of the Story Arcs unlocks the new Trait: Critical Systems, which grants a bonus to critical hit and critical severity for a short time after using any Emergency Power ability. Completing all of the Story Arcs grants an Improved version of this Trait for all characters on your account.

Admiralty: As you complete tiers of various Admiralty campaigns you’ll gain bonus one-time ship cards and pass tokens. Reaching level 3 in three Admiralty campaigns will give you a bonus that permanently gives you extra experience earned from completion of Admiralty assignments for all captains on your account.

Reputations: Persevere in gaining Reputations and you’ll gain bonus Energy Credits, Dilithium vouchers for use in Reputation Stores, and bonus Marks so that you can purchase the special gear offered by Reputations. When you reach rank 5 in all nine current reputations – Task Force Omega, Temporal Defense Initiative, Nukara Strikeforce, New Romulus, Dyson Joint Command, 8472 Counter-Command, Delta Alliance, Iconian Resistance, and Terran Task Force – your Reputation projects will be updated so that any project that awards special gear will now replace Mk XII very rare gear with Mk XIII ultra-rare gear instead.

Duty Officer Commendations: Work toward reaching rank 4 commendations in every category of Duty Officer commendations. You’ll receive assortments of Temporal Investigator Duty Officers of increasing rarity, and when you reach rank 4 in six commendation categories you’ll receive a unique Temporal Investigator Duty Officer of Epic quality for all captains on your account.

Fleet: Join a fleet after level 30 and get a package of Fleet Marks and Fleet Dilithium Vouchers.

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