The reclusive Lukari have realized that they must become part of a greater Galactic community, and with some help from the Federation and the Klingon Empire they are preparing for their first steps into the unknown. See the galaxy through fresh eyes as they undertake their first voyage of exploration. Of course, discovery of the unknown always carries risks, and you are never sure what you will find.

”Echoes of Light” is a new mission expanding upon the recently-discovered Lukari species, and follows on the heels of previous episodes such as “Sunrise” and “Time and Tide” where the Lukari played a role. Engage in a journey of exploration and discovery with a species that is experiencing the galaxy for the first time. This will be a brand new experience available to new and returning players. Play every week for three weeks to gain special rewards.

You can access this mission from your mission journal, or from the calendar during the initial release. Captains of all factions will be able to play “Echoes of Light” when Agents of Yesterday: Artifacts arrives.

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