It’s Winter Time, and festivities and good feelings are in the air from Deep Space Nine to Qo’noS. Merchants throughout the galaxy have decided to be particularly generous, and from now until Tuesday, December 27th at 10am, PC Captains will get discounts on Ships and Keys, and access to the Master Key Bundle.

Here are all the details:

PC Captains will be able to enjoy a bonus on purchased ZEN from now to December 26th at 9am. You will earn an extra bonus on purchased ZEN when you buy Zen through Direct Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill, BoaCompra, Xsolla, or Paysafecard.

Here’s how that bonus zen will work:

  • 1000 Zen: 15% Bonus
  • 2000 Zen: 20% Bonus
  • 5300 Zen: 20% Bonus
  • 11000 Zen: 25% Bonus
  • 23000 Zen: 25% Bonus


If you purchase Zen on Steam, the bonuses work a little differently. Here's how:

  • 500 Zen + 15% Bonus
  • 1000 Zen + 15% Bonus
  • 2000 Zen + 20% Bonus
  • 3000 Zen: 20% Bonus
  • 5000 Zen: 20% Bonus
  • 10000 Zen: 25% Bonus
  • 20000 Zen: 25% Bonus

Note: This charge bonus offer is not applicable with any other promotional coupon.


Captains who access the Arc program will have the opportunity for some massive savings. The Arc store will have the following packs available:

Item    Original Price    Discount    Sale Price

Temporal Agent Starter Pack    $19.99    50%    9.99

Temporal Special Agent Pack    $129.99    50%    $64.99

Legacy of Romulus Starter Pack    $24.99    50%    $12.49

Legacy of Romulus Legacy Pack    $149.99    50%    $74.99

Delta Rising Operations Pack    $149.99    50%    $74.99


Also on the Arc Store, PC Captains can get some deep discounts on Arc Zen:

Item    Original Price    Discount    Sale Price

1000 Arc Zen    $9.99    15%    $8.49

2000 Arc Zen    $19.99    20%    $15.99

5300 Arc Zen    $49.99    20%    $39.99

11000 Arc Zen    $99.99    25%    $74.99

23000 Arc Zen    $199.99    25%    $149.99


The master ship builders of the Federation, KDF and Romulan Republic are rolling out the red carpet for the holidays. Enjoy not just a discount on our ships, but fleet modules, dry dock slots and ship upgrade tokens as well! Have you been eyeing a new ship or ship bundle in the C-store? Now is the time to grab the ship you've always dreamt of commanding.

-All ships in the C-Store are 20% off.

  • This includes bundles which are comprised only of ships.
  • This does not include bundles that have items other than ships in them.

-The Ship Upgrade Token, Ship Upgrade Token Bundle, Fleet Modules and Dry Docks are all 20% off as well.

-Each time a player buys a Tier 5 ship, they will receive a free ship upgrade token.

  • This only occurs when the Tier 5 ship is bought for the first time on an account.
  • The Claim for this token will appear in the Promotions tab of the C-Store.
  • When the player clicks claim, they will receive a bound to account ship upgrade token in their inventory and the product will disappear from the promotions tab.
  • These tokens stack so if a player buys 3 Tier 5 ships at once, they will be able to claim the promotion 3 times.
  • Tier 5 Ship bundles will have the equivalent amount of tokens as the number of ships in the bundle.
  • Example: Buying the Dyson Mega Bundle will give players 9 tokens.

-The Pathfinder Voyager + Interior MT will be re-added to the store just for this sale period.

-Players can only buy this if they have not already purchased the Pathfinder solo ship or the Intrepid Bundle.


Any wise Captain knows that when a sale this good comes your way, it’s best to take advantage of it. We’re pleased to announce that Ferengi Merchants are putting a 15% sale on Keys during this Winter Sale. Now is the best time for Captains to load up on your Keys. Remember Captains, Rule of Acquisition # 22: A wise man can hear profit in the wind. Now is the time to act.

And finally, players will be able to purchase the Key Ring Bundle! This special pack includes 20x Master Keys (used to open any Lock Box) for the price of 2250 Zen. As an additional special promotional offer when purchasing this bundle, every pack also includes a single Ultimate Tech Upgrade. Applying this item to any upgradeable piece of equipment will instantly set both its Mark and Quality to maximum (usually Mk XIV and Epic/Gold quality) with zero Dilithium Cost! As an additional bonus during this time, the Key Ring will be 15% off.

Live long, prosper, and enjoys the Holidays, Captains. And for more Star Trek Online news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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