As the war rages in Star Trek Online, the Alliance is calling upon every available member to do their part in fighting off the Iconians. Testing continues as Seven of Nine works with the Krenim in hopes of defeating the Iconians.

To: Admiral Janeway

From: Seven of Nine
Stardate: 87059.01


I hope this letter finds you to be in optimal health. I am functioning within normal parameters. As indicated by the informal greeting, I find myself in need of the guidance of Kathryn Janeway, my friend, not Admiral Janeway of Starfleet.

You are aware of the Krenim Project and its stated goals. We are making efficient forward progress, however, I find myself having reservations. It has become apparent we can build this weapon, but the question for me is if we should build it. I have noticed that among my Krenim colleagues there is a disregard for the potential consequences related to our work.

The acquisition of new technology and the progress of knowledge is, and has always been, pleasing to me. We are also moving at an efficient pace. It is curious that despite such optimal circumstances I would feel such disquiet. I posit it may be my intimate familiarity with the statistical dangers that has tempered my desire to push those boundaries. The consequences of the technology, if actually deployed, are vast.

I am uncertain how to proceed.

Seven of Nine
Temporal Researcher
Kyana Research Facility

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