Forge alliances… or all is lost. The message couldn’t be any simpler than that, and it’s at the heart of The 2800, Star Trek Online’s five-part Feature Episodes Series 4 that will launch at 10 a.m. PT on Saturday, February 11, with new episodes of The 2800 debuting on consecutive Saturdays through to March 10. "Episode 1: Second Wave" finds a fleet of Dominion warships emerging from the wormhole beside Deep Space Nine and the Jem’Hadar going on the attack, endangering the entire Alpha Quadrant.

Subsequent episodes are entitled “Of Bajor,” “Operation Gamma,” “Facility 2048” and “Boldly They Rode.” As players know, they must finish one episode before moving on to the next in the free-to-play game from Cryptic and Perfect World. Players earn mission rewards upon completing each episode and also a special reward for completing a series during its initial release schedule.

For additional details about The 2800, click HERE, and for more information about Star Trek Online, which became a F2P game last month, click HERE.

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