Star Trek Online is proud to announce that Season 13.5 is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation4 on September 5th. This brand-new season of content for Star Trek Online brings with it new systems, like the Endeavor System and the Ferengi Admiralty campaign, and a fresh Featured Episode that beams J.G. Hertzler, as the legendary Klingon General Martok from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, to the game.

In “Brushfire,” our newest featured episode, players are recruited by Rodek, the Klingon warrior portrayed by Tony Todd, for a secret mission to a prison in the Briar Patch. This hidden facility is home to the Son’a, the alien race introduced in Star Trek Insurrection, and they have been holding a very special prisoner for nearly seven years. Rescue Martok, and return him to the Klingon Empire where he belongs.

The mid-season update also introduces two new gameplay features to Star Trek Online on Xbox One and PlayStation4:

  • The Endeavor System – Level 60 captains can earn rewards throughout each week by completing challenges with the new Endeavor System.
  • Ferengi Trade Alliance Admiralty – The game’s Admiralty System has been updated to include a new campaign helping captains acquire trades and goods with the aid of the Ferengi Trade Alliance. This new feature is available to all captains Level 52 and above.


We’re excited to launch these new featured on Xbox One and PlayStation4. We’ll see you in game, Captains.

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