STO: New Variants of the Odyssey-class Enterprise

STO: New Variants of the Odyssey-class Enterprise

As Star Trek Online’s submission to the pantheon of Enterprises, the Odyssey-class holds a very important position among the ships Cryptic has made. We were very excited to revisit this ship for its Tier 6 iterations. The upcoming Flagship bundles offered an opportunity to take a fresh look at the Odyssey’s distinctive dual-necked design.

Like any iteration of the Enterprise, the Odyssey class proved controversial when it was introduced, but has since become a common sight in sector space of Star Trek Online over the past four years. Starting with the established Starfleet “Tier 6” look and feel, we then recalled player feedback on the Odyssey design from as far back as the “Design the Enterprise” contest in trying to determine a direction for the new variants of the T6 ships.

Since we are doing a “Mega Bundle” with three new variants of the Odyssey, we had plenty of freedom to make each design cater to a specific aesthetic. Over the course of 50 years of the Star Trek franchise, Starfleet vessels have diversified greatly, with many fans preferring a particular look. Some favor the sleek lines of the Sovereign class, others prefer the wide and majestic footprint of the Galaxy class, while still others love the aggressive, angular look of the Prometheus class.

The concept sketches below show how we explored variations on these themes, picking out our favorite silhouettes and elements and combining them into the three new Odyssey variants: the Yorktown, the Sojourner and the Endeavour.

Designing the Yorktown

The concept behind the Yorktown was to create a “refit” version of the Odyssey, similar in idea to the way the Constitution or Excelsior classes were refit in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek Generations. It seemed logical that many Odyssey-class ships saw extensive action during the Iconian Invasion and would receive extensive refits and upgrades in the months after the war ended.

Designing the Sojourner

Designing the Endeavour

Updating the Original Odyssey

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