STO Guest Blog: The Klingon Defense Force

STO Guest Blog: The Klingon Defense Force

Complete with a brand-new tutorial and brand-new missions, Klingons now have full leveling progression, starting the game at level 1 and playing episodes, missions and events all the way to level 50.

(Spoilers ahead!)

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Legacy of Romulus



The Qaw'Dun Bird-of-Prey is equipped with a battle cloaking device and comes with a universal Shield Destabilizer console that can be transferred to other Klingon ships (or Romulan ships if a Romulan captain is allied with the Klingon Defense Force and claims this ship from the C-Store) – it can be equipped in any console slot. This Console Mod generates a large Tachyon field around your ship which will drain shields and shield power from nearby hostile ships. You cannot activate Shield Destabilizer while cloaked.



All in all, you can see that the Klingon side of the game has received some much needed love and attention, and players who have participated in our Closed and Open Tribble Betas are raving about what they have played so far. We can't wait for you to check it out when Legacy of Romulus goes live next Tuesday! Qapla’!

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