Jolan Tru! With the upcoming release of the Legacy of Romulus expansion, the Star Trek Online team is proud to present the details for our premium Reman playable species.

First of all, this premium species is available in two separate ways: It can either be earned or purchased. Players that choose to earn this species must achieve Tier 5 in the New Romulus Reputation on any character on their account. Players that choose to purchase this species may do so through the C-Store or as an included bonus in our Legacy Pack.

Next, this species comes with additional features that will make your Legacy of Romulus experience feel truly Reman:

Brand New Species Appearance

Out with the old and in with the new!  We completely rebuilt our Reman head sculpts for the playable species.

The seldom seen but often requested Reman female species option will also be available with this unlock!

Reman Exclusive Trait Options

Reman Species Trait – This trait is standard for all Remans and cannot be changed

+20 Perception
+1.5% Expose Chance
+1 second Expose Duration
+10% Exploit Damage
+25% Resistance to Flanking Damage
+5 Resistance Rating to Energy and Physical damage

Mind Drain – Optional for Remans Only

A powerful, single-target psychic attack which drains vital essence from the victim to the caster. This attack ignores all shields and provides the user with a substantial self-heal, but only works against living (non-mechanical) targets.

Two Reman Ship Materials

These unique ship materials will allow players who have earned or purchased the Reman species to update the look of any Romulan ship they own.

Your Romulan characters can also utilize these materials if they’ve been unlocked.

Special Reman Uniform Variants

As your progress through the Romulan Republic story arc, Romulan costume options will become available. Remans will not only have access to those options, but special leather trimmed Reman variants.

There are three uniforms in all, but only two are available to any one character based on the ally they select.

The premium Reman species gives you the options to truly customize your Legacy of Romulan experience. I’m incredibly excited for people to try out this species, and even more excited to see everyone in game on May 21st!

Steve "SalamiInferno" Ricossa, Jr.
Senior Producer
Star Trek Online



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