Star Trek: The Next Generation star Denise Crosby returns to Star Trek Online with the launch of Legacy of Romulus to reprise her role as Sela. Players will dive deep into the mysteries of the Romulan Star Empire, playing a game for the ultimate stakes as they immerse themselves in intrigue at the highest levels of power.

The daughter of a Romulan admiral and Starfleet officer Tasha Yar, Sela has always been a polarizing figure.

She has worked in the shadows to destabilize the Klingon Empire through an alliance with the House of Duras. She masterminded a foiled plot to invade Vulcan, and kidnapped Starfleet officer Geordi La Forge and brainwashed him in an attempt to assassinate a Klingon governor.

After the end of Shinzon’s rebellion, (seen in Star Trek Nemesis) Sela has been propelled by her limitless ambition. She rose to the position of proconsul in the turbulent times after the Reman uprising, but lost it all in a power struggle with the Tal Shiar, ending up in exile.

That sentence saved her life – and gave it new direction. In the farthest reaches of the Beta Quadrant she found the remnants of the Hirogen communications network. Using it to contact these famed hunters, she offered them hunting rights in Romulan space, struck an alliance and began rebuilding her forces.

When Praetor Taris’ struggles with the Romulan admiralty in the late 2390s threatened to destabilize her rule, Sela was in the perfect position to exploit her weakness. Sela joined with the Hirogen and the Romulan fleet to retake the empire in 2403.

When the dust settled, Sela was Empress of the Romulan Star Empire. Since then, she has ruled with a mixture of strength and deceit. She has devoted much of the empire's resources to the Tal Shiar, building the power of their fleet and making them the dominate force in Romulan space. She will go to any lengths to restore the former glory of the Empire, making secret alliances of which even she may not understand the full implications.

As empress, Sela will not tolerate any dissent against her rule. She has openly denounced the Romulan Republic, saying that the movement to break away from the empire and create a new Romulan homeworld is a terrorist action. She is using the full force of the Tal Shiar to hunt the leaders of the Romulan Republic and will not stop until their organization is eliminated.

Beset by rebellion from within and enemies without, the Romulan Star Empire may be seeing its darkest days. But if there's anything Romulans understand, it is strength in adversity.

And Empress Sela always has a plan.



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