We have discovered that a New Link has been created in the Alpha Quadrant. But these Changelings have been deceived by Laas into believing that we exterminated the Dominion and seek to destroy this New Link, as well. Fortunately, we have a Vorta aboard who will attest to the fact that we have signed a peace treaty with the Dominion and are not trying to murder Changelings.

This cooperation came with a price: we had to agree not to kill Laas. This puts us in a difficult position, as we must convince these Changelings of the truth and entrust them with making sure that Laas does not continue his activities. But diplomacy often begins with such acts of trust.  To even approach the New Link, though, we will have to first defeat Jem’Hadar who believe they are defending their gods.

In the final episode of our updated Cardassian Arc, “The New Link”, the player travels to the New Link in the Orias system. This episode features a brand new, beautiful environment you won’t want to miss.

“The New Link” is the final of four episodes in our updated Cardassian Arc. This updated Arc replaces the existing Cardassian Struggle from “Badlands” through “Cage of Fire”.  The remainder of the arc, beginning with “Second Wave”, will remain unchanged.
The updated missions will be available to all players level 35 and up with the launch of Season 11.

You can easily access these missions by accessing your Mission Journal (default key ‘J’), selecting the “Cardassian Struggle” episodes tab, and choosing to ‘Hail’ your contact for the mission. This way you can experience all of the new content! Be sure to try them out!
See you in-game for the release of Season 11.

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