We have recovered an Orb of the Prophets from Gul Kardek, the leader of the terrorist organization calling themselves the True Way. The Orb has tremendous cultural importance to the Bajoran people, who view this Orb, and the others like it, as religious artifacts of beings they worship called the Prophets.

This Orb is called the Orb of Possibilities. We speculate that Gul Kardek was using it to somehow contact the Mirror Universe, perhaps in order to gain allies in that universe. If Gul Kardek is able to broker an alliance between the True Way and the Mirror Universe, returning the Orb of Possibilities to Bajor may be our best chance of ending it.

In the second episode of our updated Cardassian Struggle Arc, “Through the Looking Glass,” the player visits Bajor in two different universes in an attempt to return the Orb of Possibilities and cripple the alliance between the True Way and the Terran Empire. The episode features a brand new “Mirror Bajor” environment that you must see.

“Through the Looking Glass” is the second episode in our updated Cardassian Arc. Over the next couple of weeks we will be unveiling the remaining two new episodes. This updated Arc replaces the existing Cardassian Struggle from “Badlands” through “Cage of Fire”.  The remainder of the arc, beginning with “Second Wave”, will remain unchanged.

The updated missions will be available to all players level 35 and up with the launch of Season 11.

You can easily access these missions by accessing your Mission Journal (default key ‘J’), selecting the “Cardassian Struggle” episodes tab, and choosing to ‘Hail’ your contact for the mission. This way you can experience all of the new content! Be sure to try them out.

See you in-game for the release of Season 11.

Jaddua Ross
Content Designer
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