Star Trek Online’s 5th Anniversary event is ending soon. Monday, March 2nd will be your last chance to earn Anniversary Qmendations for the Kobali Samsar Cruiser, play the Omega Molecule mini-game to collect Omega Particles and to earn the Kobali Uniform costume from the Dust to Dust featured episode.

Anniversary Qmendation Packages will be available in the Lobi Crystal Store until Thursday, March 5th.

If you have the Kobali Samsar Cruiser Event Reputation project slotted, it will remain slotted like other Event Reputation projects.  Also, the R&D Science School crafting recipes for the Omega Sliver, Omega Shard, Omega Fragment and Omega Tech Upgrades will be moved to a new “Special Projects” R&D School and will exist there after the Anniversary Event ends, allowing you to continue refining any you earned during the Anniversary Event.

Phil “Gorngonzolla” Zeleski
Lead Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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