will host more than 80 panels, contests and photo ops during Star Trek Las Vegas including all of the programming at the new CBS All Access Stage in Quark's Bar. Among the activities are:

  • Daily contests with fans competing in Trek Trivia Tournaments, being challenged in the Starfleet Academy Spelling Bee, and channeling their best James T. Kirk in The Big KHAAAAAAAAAAAN-Test.
  • Inside Trek sessions offering fans an all-access sneak peek of Star Trek with the actors, authors, cosplayers, and Treksperts that bring it to life every day.
  • Hands-on Treklets activities for kids (and big kids) on Saturday and Sunday mornings with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Check out just some of what else we've got planned:

Trek Trivia Tournament
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 12 noon

Is your mind stacked with 50 years of “record tapes”? Here’s your chance to prove yourself. We’ll have four sets of four fans compete each day. Then these representatives from the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Quadrants will converge to determine who has the sharpest mind in the galaxy! Contestants can register 60 minutes before each tournament at the CBS All Access Stage. Limited to 16 contestants per tournament. Hosted by Jordan Hoffman.

Thursday at 6:30pm

Close your eyes. Imagine your greatest foe has entombed you within the cold, rocky confines of Regula. Take a deep breath, channel your inner Shatner and let ‘er rip. An audience of your peers will determine who can KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN the best. Contestants can queue at the CBS All Access Stage 30 minutes before the KHAAAAAAAAAAAN-Test. Hosted by Dane Butcher.

Starfleet Academy Spelling Bee
Friday at 4:45pm

Yes, spelling counts! Do you know the silent “T” in Tzenkethi? Where the accent goes in Qapla’? Rene Auberjon…what? If details are your darling, sign up for this and impress everyone. Contestants can register 60 minutes before the Spelling Bee at the CBS All Access Stage. Limited to 30 contestants. Hosted by Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: Rene Auberjonois
Wednesday at 9:30am

Auberjonois, Deep Space Nine's Odo, will talk about his other passion... art, and also his charity of choice, Doctors Without Borders. Moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: Ira Steven Behr
Wednesday at 10:00am

How did DS9 producer Behr get his start? What else has he done before and since DS9? What's behind that colorful goatee? All will be answered. Jordan Hoffman moderates.

Inside Star Trek: Ryan Barber
Wednesday at 11:00am

Go behind the scenes of Star Trek: Bridge Crew with Ryan Barber of Ubisoft, and learn how Barber got started in the business. Moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: Robb Pearlman

Thursday at 9:30am

Pearlman has written some of the wittiest Star Trek books in the galaxy, including Fun with Kirk & Spock. And guess what? He's a funny guy in person, too. Find out how funny and learn more about him during this half-hour chat. Moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: Roger Lay
Thursday at 10:00am

All the great extras on the recent Star Trek Blu-ray that you've been enjoying lately? Roger Lay is the producer behind them. Learn more about him and his Trek experiences as he chats with moderator Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: David Zappone
Thursday at 10:30am.

Zappone has worked closely with William Shatner over the years, producing many of his documentaries. And he's currently working on the What We Left Behind documentary celebrating DS9. Learn all about it and him. Moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Star Trek: Ben Robinson
Thursday at 11:30am.

Everyone knows Ben Robinson as the man at Eaglemoss, the company behind the Star Trek The Official Starships Collection, but long before that he worked on The Official Star Trek Fact Files. Learn more about Ben during this chat with moderator Ian Spelling.

Inside Trek: JK Woodward
Thursday at 1:30pm.

Prolific artist/illustrator Woodward has created "Klingons" for the acclaimed 50 Artists. 50 Years. global art exhibition, as well as covers and/or inside comic art for Assimilation2, the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover, Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever: The Harlan Ellison Original Teleplay, Star Trek/Green Lantern and TNG - Mirror Broken. How'd he get started? What inspires his art? What was it like collaborating with Ellison? Find out during this discussion with moderator Ian Spelling.

Inside Trek: Mike Johnson
Thursday at 3:30pm

Johnson is one of IDW Publishing's go-to guys for their Star Trek titles, but did you know he used to work for Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman? Learn more about Johnson during this sit-down with moderator Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: Sarah Gaydos
Thursday at 4:30pm
Sarah Gaydos serves at the comics editor at IDW Publishing and she oversees the Star Trek titles. What stoked her love of comics? What's it like to be a female in a male-dominated industry? Get the scoop during this session. Moderated by Ian Spelling.

Inside Trek: John Cooley
Thursday at 5:00pm

Anyone who knows ANOVOS's Trek attire has surely met the enthusiast Cooley. But now's your chance to get to know him a little better. Ian Spelling moderates.

Inside Trek: Dayton Ward
Friday at 9:30am

Ward is a prolific Star Trek author, having penned A Time to Sow, Turn the Page, Paths of Disharmony, Peaceable Kingdoms, Purgatory's Key and the recent Hidden Universe Travel Guides to Vulcan and the Klingon Empire. Hear him talk about his love of Trek, how he got into the business and his bromance with Kevin Dilmore. Moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: Ethan Siegel
Friday at 10:00am

Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive will be published this fall. Hear more about the book during this conversation with its author, Ethan Siegel. Moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: David Mack
Friday at 11:00am

Mack is a veteran Star Trek author whose many titles include Cold Equations, The Sorrows of Empire, Typhon Pact, Legacies: Best Defense and more. He also penned two episodes of Deep Space Nine. How does he juggle so much Trek? Jordan Hoffman moderates.

Inside Trek: Andre Bormanis
Friday at 11:30am

Who helped bring the science to Star Trek's science-fiction? That'd be Bormanis, who was the science consultant for TNG, DS9 and Voyager, and who story edited and co-produced on Enterprise. Get inside his mind with moderator Roger Lay.

Inside Trek: Robert Picardo
Friday at 2:00pm

We all know and love Bob for bringing the Doctor to life on Voyager, but he's a real-life fan of science and deeply involved with The Planetary Society. Join Picardo and moderator Ian Spelling as they delve into his Planetary Society work.

Inside Trek: Chase Masterson
Friday at 2:30pm

DS9's Chase Masterson has made it her life's mission to end bullying, which is why she co-founded the Pop Culture Hero Coalition. How did she discover the cause? How can you become a Hero, too? Get all the answer today. Ian Spelling moderates.

Inside Trek: Denise and Michael Okuda
Friday at 3:00pm

The Okudas are amongst the franchise's greatest Treksperts. What is it they love about Trek? What else do they enjoy? How did they name their... dogs? Moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: Ralf Adam
Friday at 3:30pm

Pocket Starships Borg Invasion is coming this fall and SPYR's Ralf Adam talks about creating the Trek experience in a top game. Moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

Inside Trek: Kevin Dilmore
Friday at 5:45pm

Kevin Dilmore is another pretty prolific Star Trek author (Open Secrets, Foundations), and the frequent writing partner of Dayton Ward. Get the inside scoop on Dilmore's background, his partnership with Ward and his work for Hallmark. Jordan Hoffman moderates.

Inside Trek: Adam Nimoy
Saturday at 10:30am

Adam Nimoy has carved his own niche in the Star Trek universe, directing the TNG episodes “Rascals” and “Timescape," as well as the documentary For the Love of Spock, about his father. And he's currently working on the DS9 documentary, What We Left Behind. Get to know the man a bit better during this conversation with moderator Ian Spelling.

Inside Trek: Thomas Marrone
Saturday at 11:00am

Go inside the mind of Cryptic's Marrone, a starship artist working on Star Trek Online. And get the scoop on a STO character named... Thomas Marrone, who's apparently located on the dance floor area of Earth Spacedock's Club 47. Moderated by John Van Citters.

Inside Trek: Paul Siegel
Saturday at 11:30am

Siegel is one of the key players in Star Trek Timelines, serving as an engineering manager. Learn more about Siegel and his appreciation of Trek during this session with moderator John Van Citters.

Inside Trek: Michael Westmore
Saturday at 1:30pm

Westmore is a Trek legend and, of course, part of an enduring family legacy of makeup artists. He's now also an author, having recent published his long-awaited memoir. Get to know more about the man during this conversation with moderator Ian Spelling.

Inside Trek: Joel Harlow
Saturday at 2:30pm

Harlow will talk in detail about his new Beyond makeup book during his time on the main stage, but here, you can learn about his background, his touch as a makeup artist and his upcoming projects. Ian Spelling moderates.

Inside Trek: Phil Plait
Saturday at 3:00pm

You know Plait as the Bad Astronomer. What does that really mean? How close does he believe Trek's sci-fi is to real-life science? Find out today. Jordan Hoffman moderates.

Inside Trek: Evin Dempsey & Jeremy Sodek
Saturday at 4:30pm

Dempsey and Sodek are part of the McFarlane Toys team and they'll talk about how they create the most detailed action figures of your favorite Trek characters. Ian Spelling moderates.


Inside Trek: James Cawley
Saturday at 5:00pm

Cawley is the man behind The Original Series Set Tour, and we'll surely talk about that and why he created the destination in Ticonderoga, New York. But he actually makes his living as an Elvis Presley impersonator -- and he's world-class at it. Believe it or not, though, this is his first visit to Star Trek Las Vegas. Ian Spelling moderates.

Inside Trek: Dr. Jessie Christiansen, Dr. Philip Hopkins & Dr. Robert Hurt

Sunday at 10:00am

Caltech researchers Dr. Jessie Christiansen, Dr. Philip Hopkins and Dr. Robert Hurt will join forces for the panels called A Science Trek, but here we're going to get to know each of them a little more personally by talking about their formative years, what science and science fiction means to them, and more. Jordan Hoffman moderates.


Treklets with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Saturday and Sunday at 9:00am

NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory educators Lyle Tavernier and Brandon Rodriguez take young fans on an exciting Star Trek STEM journey to help a stranded starship. Kids will build an antenna array, send data about the nearest wormhole to the ship, and help restore navigation to the starship.

Deep Space Nine Confessional
Wednesday at 1:15pm,Thursday at 2:30pm and Sunday at 3:30pm

Join the "What We Left Behind: DS9 Documentary" team for interactive fan sessions. On hand will be Adam Nimoy, Ira Steven Behr and David Zappone.

Introducing the Borg Cube
Thursday at 6 p.m.

Martin Roth of Cherry Tree will give fans a first look at the Treknology that will assimilate the computing world beginning this fall. Resistance is, well, you know.

Star Trek Las Vegas will run August 2-6 at the Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas. Visit for the full schedule and tickets.

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