We're not sure which is funnier, the Star Trek Into Darkness commercial starring Stephen A. Smith (and Stephen A. Smith and Stephen A. Smith and Stephen A. Smith and... you get the idea) or the two short videos featuring outtakes from the making of the commercial. Let's start with the commercial. It's basically a riff on the main STID spot, but with the popular ESPN Sports Center personality playing every role, from Spock in the volcano to Uhura gasping in fear for her love to Kirk asking Bones what Spock would do if the situation were reversed. It's all very amusing.



Then, there are the two videos with outtakes. We're partial to the moment when Smith, trying to understand why Bones yells at Spock just as Spock prepares to meet his maker, says, "Would you really be mad at somebody that's burning alive? Just a question."




So, what made you laugh the most?



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