Your favorite cadet just graduated Starfleet Academy… or your favorite real-world student, who happens to be a Star Trek fan -- just graduated from middle school, high school or college. What’s the perfect gift for her or him? Well, is here to help, as we’ve assembled a sampling of great ideas, with the products in stock now at the Star Trek Shop, ThinkGeek and Check them out – and congrats to you and your graduate…

Starfleet Division Sterling Silver Trillion Necklace

These are 7mm trillion-cut topaz, garnet, or citrine gemstones – a/k/a division colors -- coupled with sterling silver. Gorgeous, practical and just a touch geeky all at the same time. Priced at $129.99 per necklace; go to to purchase.

Original Series Retro Tech Away Mission Bag

If your recent grad is switching from school books to work items, here’s a fun, stylish way to do it. This faux-leather bag features an angled zip pocket and removable shoulder strap, as well as color inserts that mimic the TOS uniform colors. Measures 12-inches long x 7 1/2-inches tall x 4-inches wide, and priced at $44.99. Go to to buy it.

The Original Series Communicator Bluetooth Handset

One of the most-popular Trek-themed products out there is this TOS communicator Bluetooth handset, which looks, feels and operates much like a beloved Trek communicator. Sleek and functional, it comes with a magnetic stand, metal base and multi-color LED charge status illumination. It costs $149.95; go to to beam it up.

TNG Warp Core USB Car Charger

If your graduate is driving a 21st century car, they’ll surely love this TNG Warp Core USB Car Charger. Heck, we want one (for real). The product, which sits quietly in your cupholder and charges two devices while emitting its signature blue pulsing light, is priced at $39.99. Just go to to make it so

Star Trek Mugs

It’s time to kick back and enjoy the coffee, right? How better to do so than with a Star Trek mug? The Star Trek Shop has dozens of drinkware products in stock, including a Discovery Black Alert Mug, a Voyager Coffee Suspension Mug, various Starfleet Academy mugs and a Live Long and Prosper Mug. They’re priced at $9.95 and up. Go to shop.startrek.

TNG Bathrobe

Studies are over and it’s time to relax. There’s little more relaxing than a soft TNG bathrobe in division colors. Each plush 100% polyester robe features a vinyl communicator badge on the chest. It costs $59.99 and is available at thinkgeek.

Starfleet Recruitment Poster T-Shirt

Can’t quite quit school even though everyone else has gone home. Then this Starfleet Recruitment Poster T-Shirt from the Starfleet Academy collection is for you. The slim-fit cotton shirt comes in Navy blue and sells for $24.95. Go to to order.

Spock Gnome


OK, so, sure, this Spock Gnome doesn’t exactly shout, “Graduation,” but what Trek-loving recent graduate wouldn’t want something so fun and… logical. Measuring 13.2 x 12.5 x 23.8 cm and made of durable cast poly resin to withstand the elements, the Spock Gnome can be purchased for $26.95 at shop.startrek.

Cufflinks Inc Men's Star Trek Enterprise

If your recent graduate is entering a real-world job but wants to show off his Trek love ever so subtly, then these Enterprise cufflinks are perfect. Made from rhodium plated silver, they measure 3/4" by 1/4" and cost $64.95. Go to to purchase a pair.

The Original Series Gorn Geeki


It’s party time, Trek-style, for your favorite grad. Help them get the party started with this line of TOS Geeki Tikis, among them the Gorn, Kirk, Dr. McCoy, a Klingon and the Mugato. They’re priced at $19.95 apiece and can be bought at

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