As Star Trek Timelines approaches its launch later this month, Disruptor Beam is pleased to reveal an original piece of art created exclusively for Star Trek Timelines by Cat Staggs, the talented artist whose memorable works have graced the covers of Star Trek comics and other Trek products.

Conceived as an homage to legendary illustrator Bob Peak – best known to fans for his work on the first five Star Trek movie posters – this piece brings together five iconic captains and a mysterious spacetime anomaly under the all-seeing gaze of Q himself.

It’s not just a piece of digital artwork, however. Disruptor Beam has also created a limited-edition poster with this image as a full-sized theatrical “one sheet” (27” wide x 40” tall) that we want to share with our loyal Star Trek Timelines fans.

We’re giving away five of these full-size movie posters to members of our community leading up to the game launch. To enter, just visit our Community and look for the post in the “Welcome to Starfleet!” forum with instructions. The deadline to enter is Friday, January 8th at 3pm ET and we’ll announce the winners on Monday, January 11th. Winners will be chosen at random from the forum responses – and as a special bonus, each winner can choose whether to receive the poster in its original state, or signed by the entire development team at Disruptor Beam.

You can also customize your phone by downloading the Cat Staggs poster artwork in a variety of formats here:

1.33 Ratio with Text
1.78 Ratio with Text

1.33 Ratio just Logo
1.78 Radio just Logo

In Star Trek Timelines, players captain iconic starships while recruiting famous and infamous characters from the timelines of Star Trek, including The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise – plus the first ten Star Trek films, from The Motion Picture (1979) through Nemesis (2002).

Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016, with the first episode of The Original Series having aired in September 1966. Star Trek Timelines lets fans explore all-new away missions, command impossible starship battles and traverse a narrative written and voiced in partnership with Q himself, John de Lancie.

Stay tuned for news of our upcoming launch, as well as on the latest game developments on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


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