Get a sneak peek at new and upcoming in-game content featuring Star Trek: Voyager’s Queen Arachnia and Captain Proton, plus learn more about playing through Episode content using the latest Captains’ Guides -- all in the latest updates from Star Trek Timelines.

Watch our First Event: “THEY CAME FROM THE HOLODECK!”

Watch a replay of the latest Disruptor Stream livestream for a first look at the new Event, “They Came from the Holodeck!” Learn how you can save the Federation from holoprograms running amok, and earn special and rare rewards. Also arriving with Star Trek Timelines 1.0.6 are numerous quality-of-life improvements like filters to help you quickly find the crew you need and the ability to purchase more crew slots.

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Get the Scoop on New Game Additions

Join us tomorrow Friday March 25th for a special Disruptor Stream featuring Star Trek Timelines Game Designer Michael Woods and Product Manager Alex Engel as the two discuss new crew, game design changes in 1.0.6, and answer your answers live during the show.

Captain’s Guides: Your Star Trek Timelines Hint Book

Curious about the nuts and bolts of Starship Battles? Wondering just how to beat the most recent Timelines Episode you’ve just unlocked? Wishing you knew more about mastering Away Missions? Check out the latest Captain’s Guides, with guest contributor Jessica Sliwinski, Lead Narrative Designer at Disruptor Beam, to find the answers to these questions and many more.

Starship Battles

With nearly two dozen in-game starships and continuous improvements to Starship Battles underway, this Star Trek Timelines Captain’s Guide is an overview of Starship Battles: the basics on how to play, building and upgrading starships, battle rewards, and tips for earning three-star scores on the highest difficulties.
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Navigating Episodes

Now that you’ve learned how to improve your crew by equipping them with items and where to find or build that equipment, it’s time to talk about what you can do with them: complete missions.

Though there are many places to visit in the Alpha Quadrant, a Starfleet officer must always remain focused on their primary duties: keeping the Federation stable, exploring a strange, drastically altered galaxy, and solving the mystery of the temporal anomaly crisis. These duties are at the heart of every Episode in Star Trek Timelines.

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Away Missions

We took a deep dive into Starship Battles, one of two types of content that make up each Episode in Star Trek Timelines. Now we turn our attention to the second type of content: Away Team Missions. These missions are one of the best ways to level your crew members, get valuable items to advance them, and play out your Star Trek fantasies of resolving problems with diplomatic acumen, scientific solutions, or brute force.
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