In Star Trek Timelines, a temporal anomaly crisis has thrown together ships and characters from throughout Star Trek’s 50-year history. This has resulted in more ship-to-ship combat than most Federation Captains see in an entire career. In order to ensure the battle-readiness of the fleet, Starfleet Command has designated a portion of Federation Space as a Battle Arena.

Captains who choose to enter the Battle Arena will test their wits and their firepower while commanding iconic ships against other players in 3D ship-to-ship combat. Players are grouped into Divisions based on the rarity of their ships and crews, ensuring a level playing field. To move up the Leaderboard, a Captain must defeat a higher-ranked player to assume their position. Daily rewards are calculated based on Leaderboard ranking, with players higher on the leaderboard and in more powerful divisions receiving the greatest rewards.

The Battle Arena brings a new dimension of play to Star Trek Timelines for existing and new players alike. It is simple enough that new players can grasp the basics and dive into the action right away, while existing players will be excited by the possibilities that more powerful ship and crew combinations offer. For players who have stepped away from the game, this is the perfect time to come back. The rewards include ship schematics and other fantastic prizes, so dedicated players will be able to build a powerful fleet and crew in a whole new way.

For more information about the Battle Arena, check out June 24th episode of the Disruptor Stream, where our team answers questions and demonstrates game features. Detailed instructions on gameplay can be found in the Cadet’s Manual, and discussion with our amazing player community never stops on the Star Trek Timelines forum. The Bridge Crew email newsletter will reward you with in-game perks and make sure you are among the first to know about new features and game developments.

Available now on the App Store and Google Play, Star Trek Timelines merges the characters, stories, and settings from Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. Gather your favorite heroes and even villains to build your dream crew, explore the galaxy, and lead Starfleet through a crisis threatening the very fabric of time and space. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates - and don’t forget to rate us if you love playing.

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