Hello Captains --

What a busy week it has been. Last Friday, the Disruptor Beam development team submitted its first beta build to our beta testers. Those testers have been playing the first version of Star Trek Timelines, outfitting their starships with crew from every Star Trek series and movie.

So far, our players have completed thousands of missions and fought over 1,000 ship battles. All of this data is helping us understand how players play our game, and giving us invaluable test data that will help us prepare for launch. I wanted to give you a peek into some interesting happenings in the beta to-date.

A common debate among Star Trek fans is, "Which captain would you pick, Kirk or Picard?" With Star Trek Timelines, we offered our beta players that option: Will you pick Picard, Sisko, or Kirk as your starting captain in your crew? With 59% of players choosing him, Captain Picard was the clear favorite. 24.5% of players chose Captain Sisko and 16.5% of players picked Captain Kirk.

Of course, Timelines is about picking your perfect crew, and our beta players set about doing just that. While plenty of our players chose stalwart favorites like Commander Worf and Seven of Nine, we saw some surprises show up as well. One lucky player found an extremely rare Grand Nagus Rom, and immediately set them to work in their ship's battle stations. Four of our beta players received "Secret Agent" Bashir, just in time for some sneaky work they completed for Section 31.

Ships are also a major part of Star Trek Timelines, and our beta testers found that out right away. While most of our testers still fly the sturdy and dependable Constellation-class, half a dozen lucky players found the Enterprise-D, an immensely powerful ship that can handle anything thrown at it. Not to be outdone, a handful of players also grabbed a Borg Cube. That's right, you can build and fly a Borg Cube in Star Trek Timelines.

Here is a first look at what a Borg Cube will look like in the game:

As our beta continues, stay tuned to our blog for more updates on the game. And, if you are in the beta, thanks so much for playing. Keep up the good work and feedback.

Alex “Nod” Engel
Disruptor Beam

Coming to iOS, Android, and the Web, Star Trek Timelines merges the characters, stories, and settings from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT. Gather your favorite heroes and even villains to build your ideal crew, explore the galaxy, and be captain of your own destiny. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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