The long-awaited book, Star Trek: The Original Topps Trading Card Series, is available now from Abrams ComicArt. As previously reported here at, veteran Star Trek historians and authors Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann have teamed up for a 216-page hardcover book that celebrates the 1976 set of Star Trek Trading Cards that captured the essence of The Original Series in pictures and words (and, of course, came with a stick of gum).

"We were thrilled when Abrams asked us to do the book because it’s a blast from the past that we hadn’t thought about for years,” Block told "But when we mentioned it to our friends, we were shocked at how excited they were at the prospect of—at long last—having this entire set of cards in front of them."

Added Erdmann, "What we didn’t expect was the effort that Abrams went to in recapturing the experience of the era. We knew they’d wrap the book in a waxy cover, but they even put in photos of the bubble gum—including a broken piece! That makes it way cool."

Click HERE to order the book direct from Abrams ComicArts and click HERE to read a interview with Block and Erdmann conducted in May.

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