The Star Trek sequel will open worldwide on May 17 2013, and when it does, moviegoers will not only be able to enjoy the adventure in 3D, but also in IMAX – and not just in IMAX, but in The IMAX Experience, with several major action set pieces actually shot by director J.J. Abrams using IMAX cameras. The IMAX cameras enable the capture of extraordinarily high-resolution images, images that will fill an entire IMAX screen, further immersing the audience in a filmmaker’s vision.

"We were so thrilled with the creative results of shooting IMAX for Mission: Impossible (Ghost Protocol) that we jumped at the chance to use the format for Star Trek,” Abrams said in a statement. “All expectations were exceeded -- the action and resolution is insane at this scale. We cannot wait for audiences to see the crew of the Enterprise in a way they never have before.”

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