Happy holidays, mes capitaines!

Rejoice, for your favorite annual tradition has come again as I invite you to my fantastic Winter Wonderland. All of your favorite games and activities are back, along with me. Snowball fights, snowmen, pie eating, and races on ice – either against a competitor or against one another.

This year, I’ve invited a small contingent of gingerbread people to set up a village near the rest of the winter festivities (they were getting a bit antsy being kept in a snow globe inside the gazebo and wanted out). I don’t think the snowmen are taking too kindly to having to share their space though. I’ll just leave them to sort it out amongst themselves. Although, I guess you could help if you’re feeling up to it.

The winter holiday event will run from now until about noon Pacific time on January 15th.

At the top of every hour, head to the new Gingerbread Village area and help the gingerbread people fight off a vicious attack by jealous snowmen in the new “Cones of Conduct” event. They’ve developed quite an ingenious defense system, making use of the most advanced snow-based technologies, which will create a giant Snow-Conian to help defend their village. They just need your help to supply all the shaved ice and flavored syrup needed to keep that giant dessert in the fight and defending their village. You will be rewarded based on how much of the village you prevent from being frozen by the snowmen.

Fifteen minutes after the hour, head to the snow valley and towers area to fight off waves of snow Borg in “Tide of Ice.” Assimilated snow Borg are coming down a frozen valley in an attempt to reach the Winter Wonderland. Along the way they’ll break down walls of ice and fight against defensive towers blast them with freezing flurries, but freezistance is futile. You must stop the Borg with your snowball guns and frozen weapons.

Thirty minutes after the hour, and again at thirty-seven minutes after the hour, rush to the start of the competitive race “The Fast and the Flurrious”! Once again, you and all of your friends (and enemies…) can race across the icy landscape to grab the flag at the end of the race in the hopes of being the fastest. Earn winter tags that you can use to acquire special snowy Epohh pets, or if you’re not one for raising a cute and cuddly companion, turn the Epohhs over for a variety of different Reputation Marks.

At forty-five minutes after the hour, participate in a snowball fight against evil snowmen all across the Wonderland. The snowmen will come alive and rush after anyone who passes by, pelting them with snowballs. Defeat enough of them and their wintry snowverlord will appear on the frozen lake. Destroy him to collect extra rewards.

If that’s not enough, queue up to jump inside my snow globe to defend the original Gingerbread Village from an attack by snowmen (these two factions really don’t like each other…). Hunt down hidden presents and recipes there to make special holiday foods.

Remember, too, that while you’re on the Winter Wonderland, you’ll need to win the race event, “The Fastest Game on Ice,” in order to earn Winter Prize Vouchers. Turn in those charming items to earn a great new tier 6 starship.

My goodness, that’s so much to do, even an omnipotent being such as myself could be overwhelmed. So get out there and have a good time in the snow while it lasts. After all, if you miss this holiday, you’ll have to wait a full year for the next one.

Hugs and Hot Chocolate,


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