Star Trek Online is set to unleash its third series of Feature Episodes, Cloaked Intentions. And it all starts tomorrow, Feb. 5, with additional Episodes set to debut each Saturday (at 11 a.m. PST) throughout February and into early March. Feature Episodes are groups of episodes closely tied together to comprise a single story arc. They'll be available to Star Trek Online players of any level and at no additional cost, and will remain available indefinitely for any character of any faction. 

Series 3: Cloaked Intentions centers on the Romulan Star Empire, with battles between former allies threatening to tear apart the Empire. It’s up to players to intervene and prevent a bloody civil war. 

Below is a handy episode guide provided to by Star Trek Online:

- Episode 1: The Vault - The crew finds themselves in a tight situation when they are ordered to investigate an energy surge on an abandoned Romulan starbase. Debuts February 5.

- Episode 2: Mine Enemy – The crew investigates claims of illegal weapon use on Menik II, only to uncover evidence of greater atrocities. Debuts February 12.

- Episode 3: Frozen – Players must think quickly to resolve a sticky political situation. Debuts February 19.

- Episode 4: Coliseum – Trapped on an alien world, the captain is forced to fight in order to survive. Debuts February 26.

- Episode 5: Cutting the Cord – The crew is on their own to stop events that could lead to all-out civil war. Debuts March 5

For additional information, visit Star Trek Online’s Feature Episodes web page