Star Trek Online: Season 10.5 is available now. The new update from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios brings to the free-to-play massively multiplayer online game both gameplay improvements and additional narrative content. The mid-season update to Season 10 -- The Iconian War focuses on fleet system enhancements including the introduction of armadas, enabling a group of fleets to join forces and provide additional avenues for players to collaborate and secure new rewards.

Season 10.5, beyond the new gameplay elements, carries on the story of the Iconian War via a new featured episode, titled "Broken Circle," which features voice performances by Aron Eisenberg, Robert Duncan McNeill and Jeri Ryan as, respectively, Nog, Tom Paris and Seven of Nine. The episode continues the monthly distribution of new Star Trek episodic content that centers on a tale five years in the making. And it's up to Star Trek Online captains to battle one of the galaxy's greatest threats in a desperate attempt to hold the line against their seemingly unstoppable assault.

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