Star Trek Online’s new mid-season update, Season 9.5, is now live on Holodeck. Read on to learn about the updates you will experience in this latest release.

Season 9.5 is now available. In this latest update, Captains will be able to experience new and exciting gameplay. Season 9.5 offers an expansive Research and Development system, featuring multiple schools and tons of rewards waiting for you. Captains will be able to craft the latest and greatest.

In the continued fight against the Undine, the Xindi have offered their support in the form of our latest Lock Box. Pilot the sleek Narcine Dreadnought Carrier or fight beside your very own Xindi Bridge Officer. This Lock Box has it all.

For information about all of Season 9.5's features, check out this Dev Blog index.

Crafting System

Star Trek Online has revamped crafting to offer Captains a whole new experience. This brand-new system offers opportunities to get the newest gear available. Featuring multiple schools from Cannons to Shields, Captains can specialize their crafting to earn high-quality gear of their preference.

New materials are scattered around the Galaxy just waiting to be found. Keep an eye out for these new rare materials.

Xindi Lock Box

The newest Lock Box features the Xindi. This collection of species comes bearing exciting and new experimental technology. With elegant warships, phased Biommater weaponry, and even your very own Xindi Tactical Officer, this Lock Box is loaded with amazing gear.

Captains may requisition the Xindi Reptilian Bridge Officer. The Xindi-Reptilians have earned a reputation for their cunning tactics and vicious tenacity in the face of conflict. 

Odyssey Uniforms

Starfleet has a brand new look in Star Trek Online. Starfleet regulation is outfitting all officers with the Odyssey uniform set. The Odyssey update also features new unlocks like the Tactical and Dress Jacket style.

Along with the Odyssey Uniforms, the Klingon Defense Force has modernized their uniforms with the new Bortasqu’ set. With the Standard Bortasqu’ Warrior, also enjoy the Ceremonial, Guardian, and Operative uniforms.

Enjoy all these features and more in Season 9.5, Captains!


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