The Star Trek Online universe continues to expand with the launch of Season Two: Ancient Enemies. Developed by Atari and Cryptic Studios, the new content update offers a variety of original features to Star Trek Online players, including a higher level cap (up to level 51 vs. the previous high of 45) and additional Federation and Klingon ranks; fresh rewards and content, including Mark XI gear rewards, high-level versions of every Fleet Action and Special Task Force Mission, and new Tier 5 ships; and eight new Klingon-specific Episodes, several of which spotlight the Fek’ihri, legendary nemeses of the Klingon Empire’s founder, Kahless, and compel players to save Qo’noS from occupation.

Additionally, there’s the casino game Dabo, with players earning gold-pressed latinum; and Federation Diplomatic Corps, a new game-play option in which players rise through the ranks of the Diplomatic Corps, amassing rewards and peacefully – yes, peacefully -- interacting with new civilizations. And all of that is just the beginning. Starting in August, Ancient Enemies will also introduce five special episodes that will debut on a weekly basis and enable players to assist a new and neutral race, the Deferi, as they take on a fearsome new Star Trek Online adversary. And players can continue their ongoing missions in Fluidic space, as the Undine storyline carries on with five new Episodes, a Fleet Action and original Deep Space Encounters. 

Season Two: Ancient Enemies is free for current Star Trek Online players, and Star Trek Online itself has been re-priced to $19.99. For additional information, visit or