You’ve captained your starship across so many light years playing Star Trek Online that you’re thinking there should be a frequent flyer program. Well, guess what? There is. Atari and Cryptic Studios, the video game publisher and developer behind the Star Trek Online massively multiplayer online game, have just introduced several recognition and loyalty programs. Offers that began in early May include the Star Trek Online Referral program, Star Trek Online Veterans Rewards and Star Trek Online Demo.

The Star Trek Online Referral program rewards players who refer friends with the title of Courier and a unique Tribble, and when those friends subscribe to Star Trek Online, the referrer will receive additional bonuses, including 400 Cryptic points. The Star Trek Online Veterans Rewards program thanks players who’ve logged 100 days of playtime with boosts, ships slots, new titles and more, while Lifetime subscribers will receive Veteran rewards at every 100-day marker. Finally, the Star Trek Online Demo program enables new users to download and test drive a trial version of Star Trek Online, with the Demo including the “Stranded in Space” mission that sends players into battle against Orion space pirates.

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