Control of the Vault has once again fallen into the hands of the Romulans. Obisek, leader of the Reman Resistance, is sending his ships to draw off the bulk of the Romulan fleet. While the Remans battle in space, Obisek will lead a small force in shuttles to infiltrate the Vault and reclaim the station for his people.

But the Romulans will not abandon their prize so easily. The battle will be difficult. Can you take control of the Vault before time runs out to assure victory and independence for the Remans, or will Romulan oppression continue?

The Vault Shuttle Event is a queued event for Federation Vice Admirals and KDF Lieutenant Generals. Players must be in a small craft (shuttle, fighter or runabout) to help Obisek regain control of the Vault. Inside, they will face waves of Romulan fighters, entrenched turret batteries, Birds-of-Prey and other Romulan surprises.

During the event, you will need to protect Obisek's ship as he works to override the command codes and hack into Romulan control systems. But this isn't a one-man job – players will need to work together to help Obisek with tasks that arise as he initializes the override sequence. Listen for his instructions during this fast-paced, timed event.

In exchange for your help, the Remans are offering Datacores that contain encrypted information about Romulan and Reman technology. You can use these Datacores in special Duty Officer Assignments available from your ship's Intelligence officer to earn special gear for your vessel, including a set of Very Rare Mk XII ship equipment!

So jump into your shuttle and check the Mission Journal for available times. It's time to join the resistance! note: The blog feature above, in fictional letter form, is designed to build awareness of and excitement about the fact that Star Trek Online is adding a new event to the game that will take players back to the Vault in Romulan space. It will require a minimum of five players to team up, and they must be flying a shuttle/small craft. Click HERE to visit Star Trek Online and keep an eye on for upcoming Star Trek Online guest blog features.

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