Star Trek Online is known for its fantastic episodic content, celebrity voice actors and space combat, as well as the wealth of gameplay options available to players. Beginning today with the release of Star Trek Online: Fleets for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, I am proud to announce that nearly every single one of those gameplay options are now live and available in-game.

Since the console release of Star Trek Online, Captains can team up and form a fleet with their friends. At the time of release, those groups of friends had access to their own fleet names, logos, and their own chat channels. With Star Trek Online: Fleets, Fleet members now have the ability to work together to construct their own Starbase, Dilithium Mine, Romulan Republic Embassy and Krenim Temporal Research Facility. Constructing these facilities provides access to passive and active bonuses, entire suites of high end gear, daily missions, and, of course, some beautiful locations for your fleet members to just relax and spend time together between missions.

Captains can also manage the activities of their rank-and-file crew members for exciting rewards, as well as fine-tune their ships through new Active Duty powers with the Duty Officer System. Being a Captain requires management of your entire crew, and the Duty Officer system brings that experience to life. There are hundreds of missions spread across the galaxy that can be run at any time, featuring progression in a dozen different commendations. These give Captains unbelievable options to customize and manage their crew.

Earning the top end gear for your captain, your bridge crew and your ship is a big part of the Reputation endgame in Star Trek Online. With Star Trek Online: Fleets, we’re releasing two reputations – Task Force Omega and Iconian Resistance -  and several queues to give you the opportunity to earn that gear, and all of the high end active and passive powers that are associated with those new reputations.

For our players that have reached the rank of Admiral, the Admiralty System takes the concept of the Duty Officer system to the next level. You will be in command of every ship in your personal fleet, sending them off on missions and receiving some fantastic rewards for your success. This feature truly puts you in the chair of an admiral, commanding your fleet and improving your standing with different factions.

Finally, we’re excited to bring the Research and Development system to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Through this system, captains will be able to craft items through a variety of schools while increasing their efficiency at creating those items as well as unlocking the ability to craft different items. This system gives captains the ability to update and create the perfect item for their ship or crew.

We’re excited to get these features out to all of the captains enjoying Star Trek Online on their Xbox One or PlayStation 4 consoles. These updates are 100% free for players to jump in and play as long as you meet the level requirements, and the Duty Officer System is a great way to help you earn XP if you need a boost to reach those level requirements. These are some of the hallmark features that make Star Trek Online such a memorable experience, and I can’t wait to see everyone enjoying them in game.

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