Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are poised to expand Star Trek Online with Legacy of Romulus, which will throw players directly into the aftermath of the conflict between Romulus and Remus, with gamers called upon to rebel against the oppressive Tal Shiar regime. The free-to-play expansion will kick off on May 21, but starting today Star Trek Online players can pre-order Legacy and Starter Packs at a discounted rate. Anyone who purchases the Legacy Pack will also receive all the Warbird Retrofits, the premium Reman faction species, a liberated Borg Reman officer, exclusives titles and more.





The Star Trek Online Legacy Pack costs $124.99 (a $181 value) and includes:

-    D’deridex Warbird Retrofit
-    Mogai Warbird Retrofit
-    Dhelan Warbird Retrofit
-    Premium Romulan Faction Species – Reman
-    Plus 13 more items included!

The Star Trek Online Starter Pack costs $19.99 (a $31 value) and includes:
-    T’Varo Light Warbird
-    T’Varo Warbird Retrofit
-    Liberated Borg Reman Officer
-    Survivor of Romulus Title

Click HERE to visit the official Star Trek Online website or go to to purchase a Legacy of Romulus Pack. And keep an on eye on for additional news about the Star Trek Online expansion.


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