“Live long and prosper.” – Solkar

“Thanks.” – Zefram Cochrane

April 5th sees the celebration of First Contact Day – a day so important to the formation and identity of the Federation that it has its own movie! Zefram Cochrane’s legendary warp flight opened the door to communication between Humans and Vulcans, and that uneasy alliance eventually created the diplomatic ties that brought Andorians and Tellarites to the table as well. Not long thereafter, the United Federation of Planets was born, and in the succeeding centuries, hundreds of other space-faring species joined the idealism of that organization. 

Star Trek Online celebrates First Contact Day with a special event running from April 5th, 10 AM PST to April 9th, 10 AM PST. During this event, you’ll be able to visit one of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau research facilities at Utopia Planitia, in orbit over Mars. While there, have a chat with some of the bridge officers of the Enterprise-F, which is home for a bit of testing and system recalibration. After you meet the crew, pick up your own replica of the Phoenix, humanity’s first warp-capable ship, as a deployable non-combat space craft. Once the event ends, the Enterprise will be warping off to new missions, so make sure you visit before she leaves.

The new Utopia Planitia research facility is also joining our list of Foundry maps, so you’ll be able to include it in your user-created missions!

First Contact Day takes place in the Vulcan sector of the Sirius Sector Block, at the Sol system. Hail Commander Winters to accept the First Contact Day mission that will reward you with your Phoenix non-combat pet. First Contact Day is for Federation characters only – but KDF characters will be busy with their new mission, Alpha!

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