It’s almost time for the Star Trek Las Vegas convention, Captains.

The Star Trek Online team will be hosting a very special panel where we take you on a journey through the ideation, creation and implementation of the Star Trek universe from a classic series to a masterful, digital experience. You’ll find this panel at 6:15pm PDT on Friday, August 7th in the Leonard Nimoy Theater.

Join executive producer Stephen Ricossa, lead designer Al Rivera, and lead artist Samuel Wall as they showcase the development of Star Trek Online and beyond. Holly Amos, product development coordinator for CBS Consumer Products will lead the panel as the team discusses how far Star Trek Online has come. Learn more about the finale of the Iconian War with our team of developers as well as what’s to come. We will even have a celebrity appearance from Aron Eisenberg, who played Nog in Deep Space Nine.

After the panel, you’ll have a chance to join our developers at the iBar down the hall from the convention in the Rio Hotel for a special Meet the Devs event. Come and chat with not only our developers, but Star Trek Online podcasters and other Captains like yourself.

Stay tuned to our news page for all the exciting information coming your way. We’ll see you at Vegas, Captains.


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