Star Trek Online: Admiralty System

Star Trek Online: Admiralty System


During your captain’s meteoric rise through the ranks, you have taken command of dozens of different starships, and facilitated the advancement of countless crewmen’s careers. As an Admiral/General/Subadmiral, the administration of large portions of the Alliance’s combined fleets has come to rest in your capable hands. The starships you have earned access to will now be waiting for your commands, ever at-the-ready to head into the unknown on your behalf.

When participating in the Admiralty System, players will be sending their Admiralty Ships on challenging assignments, in hopes of retrieving valuable assets and advancing your influence and prestige. Progress will be earned in various Campaigns, undertaken on behalf of the major political powers of the galaxy. Tours of Duty – special assignment chains that yield astounding rewards – can also be pursued via this system, for those more invested in using their stable of ships as efficiently as possible.

Admiralty Ships

The roster of Admiralty Ships at your disposal is comprised of all starship classes that you currently have access to. This includes all commissioned starships, and you will retain access to Admiralty Ships for starships that you dismiss from your active roster. It does not include starships still inside Reward Packs, or those not yet claimed.

Upon gaining access to a new Starship class, a corresponding Admiralty Ship will be automatically added to your Roster. Your Admiralty Ship Roster is limitless – every ship you have access to will be ready to use. Captains will only ever have access to a single Admiralty Ship per class of ship they have access to, but “Fleet” and “Mirror” versions of existing classes are counted as separate classes for this purpose.




Special Abilities



With the launch of Season 11, two Campaigns will be available immediately:

•    United Federation of Planets
•    Klingon Empire

While we expect all players to eventually participate in Assignments on behalf of both of these political powers, each of them specializes in a particular type of reward. This will allow players to decide for themselves what they would like to pursue as their primary reward for participating in Admiralty.

Additional Campaigns will be released in the future, allowing the system to continuously expand and offer new choices and challenges to Admirals.


Stat Requirements:


Accessing the System

Arriving Soon

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