It’s almost time to get your Trek on with the Star Trek Costume Contest. Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention and ANOVOS have teamed up to bring fans one of the highlights of the convention, which will take place in the Main Theatre at the Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas. Fans are invited to appear on stage in costumes related to the Star Trek universe – for example, re-creations of a character/costume or inspired original designs – and entries will be judged on the quality of costume as well as overall stage presence. A panel of celebrity and fashion experts will judge the costumes and a variety of prizes will be awarded to the winners.

To enter, contestants must fill out a form and submit their entry into the Costume Contest. Entrants are required to email one to three (1-3) reference photos -- this can be a screencap, photo, sketch, etc. – as well as one to three (1-3) images of their costume (costume should be at least 50% complete) to Any entrants who fail to email their photos will be automatically disqualified from the contest.

The time to enter is NOW, as there will be a capped number of entries allowed for this year’s costume competition. There will be a waitlist for any cancellations that may occur. Waitlisted individuals will be notified no later than Friday, August 7th if a spot has become available. The day of the event, all entrants will check in for pre-judging (location to be determined) and to confirm their participation in the contest.

Entrants will be separated into the following three skill level categories:
  • ENSIGN - beginner level, suitable for anyone who has little to no experience making a costume (has never won an award).
  • LIEUTENANT - intermediate level, suitable for anyone who has some experience in costume making (may have won awards at other conventions).
  • CAPTAIN - expert level, suitable for those with experience making many costumes (may have won multiple awards for their skill at other conventions).

Keep an eye on for additional advance details about the Costume Contest.


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