Day Two of Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention is in the books -- and sure to remain a happy memory for the thousands of fans who ventured out to the Rio Suites Hotel for Thursday's whirlwind of events.  Early birds enjoyed several panels that took place in the secondary space, The DeForest Kelley Theatre. Dr. Ronald Held explored the Star Trek multiverse, while lecturer John Puttman led a conversation about "Deep Space Nine and American History. Later, fans participated in a Yes/No Trivia Game. The action in the main room, The Gene Roddenberry Theatre,commenced with John de Lancie entertaining the crowd with stories about Q and his career.

The trick to making the most of each day at the convention is picking your shots. There's so much going on and only so much time. Creation does a great job of spreading things out so that fans can see as much as possible, but sometimes there are choices: photo op or see this big star on stage, sit in on that panel at the expense of this autograph session. Walk the aisles in the bustling dealers' room, it's easy to lose track of time. Anyway, the team took in nearly everything. So, as we did yesterday, let's break down the rest of the day by room.

De Lancie was followed in the Roddenberry Theatre by Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ and Garrett Wang, who participated in a Salute to Voyager session.

Joked Phillips: " We could never eat the prop food... and I was always hungry." Wang remembered a "guest star with makeup that looked like a turd. We called him the Captain's Log." And so it went.

Right after this session, Wang, Picardo, Phillips and Russ joined Linda Park and Dominic Keating for a Voyager -Enterprise Lunch that featured a nice array of salads and sandwiches, plus the talent rotating from table to table to chat with fans.

One fan told Phillips he was from Tucson, Arizona, prompting the actor to quip, "It was so hot in in Tucson I saw a squirrel fanning its nuts." Russ revealed his latest project, Six Gun Saviour, "I always wanted to do a western," he said. "This is actually a supernatural western." Park talked about reuniting with her Enterprise co-stars for a segment on the upcoming Enterprise Blu-ray. "It was the first time we were all in a room since the first table read," she said.

Later, Eaglemoss Collections elicited a tremendous response to its preview of diecast model Trek ships. Catherine Hicks soon took to the stage, with much of her interaction with fans centering on The Voyage Home. "Our film made Leonard (Nimoy) an A-list director," she noted.

Up next was Voyager guest Joel Grey, who heaped praise on Kate Mulgrew and revealed that he brought Patrick Stewart to the Brooklyn restaurant at which Stewart met his fiance. Stewart invited Grey to be his best man at the wedding, but Grey will be off directing a project.

Dominic Keating followed. The highlight: his alternate version of the Enterprise theme song.

Linda Park was next. "I would have liked to see more of the interpersonal relationships played out for Sato," she said.

Alice Eve came on stage at 3:50 and pointed out that she's "very excited to be here at my first convention." She spoke eloquently from start to finish. Asked -- very first question from a fan -- about the infamous Star Trek Into Darkness underwear scene, she noted that Chris Pine had a shirtless scene. More so, "I didn't know it would cause such a ruckus. I didn't feel exploited. She's very smart and she's very fit. Heaven forbid if she has it all."

She thinks it'd be "boring (on a five-year mission) without someone to kiss" and figures she'll soon be kissing Kirk. "I suspect," she said of a romance, "that it will be pursued." Eve was followed by Walter Koenig, who looked and sounded good. He's mellowed, it would appear, about his feelings toward Trek. "The older I get," he admitted, "the more I appreciate Star Trek." As he bid good night, he did so amidst a standing ovation.

Over in the DeForest Kelley Theatre, presented a Star Trek Into High Definition Panel, with Roger Lay, Jr., Denise Okuda, Mike Okuda and Doug Drexler talking about the TNG and Enterprise Blu-rays. Connor Trinneer made a surprise appearance. Lay calls the Enterprise cast reunion conversation "open, honest and revealing." Drex loved his time with Herman Zimmerman, Dan Curry, the Okudas and Rick Sterbach, calling the design team "a Camelot department." Clips are shown, to positive reaction from the crowd and, as noted, Trinneer drops in. Next, Michael Aron and Martha Hackett join forces for a Trek guest stars panel, followed by Rick Sternbach hosting a panel called "Inventing the Future: Ships, Props, and the Tech of Star Trek." He presented nifty designs and revealed the evolution of many familiar ships and gadgets. "It's really cool when you see a model in a store," he said, "and think, 'Who did that?'" He did, of course.

Fans really loved the next session, which featured makeup guru John Paladin transforming Suzie Plakson into K'Ehleyr.  The two bantered playfully throughout the process.

When it was done, Plakson went into character... as the spirit of K'Ehlyr inhabiting the body of actress Suzie Plakson.

Fun stuff. Larry Nemecek then led a panel, conversing with fans about numerous Trek projects. Up next, Creation co-CEO Gary Berman hosted the weekend's second auction. A TNG cast-signed photo went for $325, while a very cool photo of Jim Parsons and Leonard Nimoy on the set of The Big Bang Theory, signed by both men, fetched $550. Near the end, Gates McFadden surprised the crowd by arriving with several rare items she wanted to auction in order to raise funds for her theater group, Ensemble Studio Theatre LA. An Enterprise model, in gold, signed by the TNG cast netted $850, which clearly pleased a grateful McFadden.

Saving the best for last, if we dare say so,'s One Trek Mind blogger Jordan Hoffman led his latest LIVE panel. The topic: Best Star Trek Movie. We all know the options, of course, though Hoffman threw in a bonus option... Galaxy Quest. Much heated debate ensued. Insurrection elicited some cheers, prompting Hoffman to crack, "A lot of F. Murray Abraham fans in the house." Fans came to the microphone to plead for the placement on the list of their favorites... or least favorites. The final results:

To be sure, the night offered plenty more options, though settled down at a computer to report all the day's events to you. Still on tap for the evening: Karaoke Night II and a mega-party in the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio. As for tomorrow, fans can expect Terry Farrell, Shatner and Mulgrew together, Brannon Braga, Andre Bormanis, much of the TNG cast and more. Also, if you're in Vegas, don't forget the attempt to break the record for most fans in costume! And be sure to check out our next recap.

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