Star Trek fans all over the world have their eyes on 2016, the 50th anniversary of The Original Series, but 2015 shouldn't be overlooked, not by a longshot. Yesterday, previewed some of the books on the way, and now we're taking a look at just a few of the, ahem, enterprises and anniversaries and products sure to make news in 2015.

-- Star Trek UGLYDOLLS are beaming to the final frontier. The popular characters, which celebrate the idea of embracing one's individuality, will take the form of Scotty (ICE-BAT), Uhura (TRAY), Dr. McCoy (BABO), Spock (OX) and Captain Kirk (WAVE).

-- Star Trek: Voyager debuted on January 15, 1995. That, of course, means it'll celebrate its 20th anniversary on January 16, 2015. Twenty years; it's hard to believe, but true. And it all started with "Caretaker," a two-hour feature-length adventure directed by Winrich Kolbe. Among the special guests... Armin Shimerman as Quark, while Mark Allen Shepherd appeared uncredited as Morn.

-- Star Trek: Enterprise fans, on the other hand, will acknowledge a sad anniversary in 2015. Enterprise ended its run on May 13, 2005. And it went out with the well-intentioned but poorly received "These Are the Voyages..." The one-hour finale, in the eyes of many fans, put more of an emphasis on The Next Generation than on Enterprise.

-- The third Star Trek feature with the current cast is expected to go into production in 2015, so that it can be released in 2016. Keep an eye on for news about the film once Paramount Pictures makes it official.

Keep an eye on in 2015 as we'll explore the above in detail and report on all the other Trek stories that break in this new year.

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