They’re here and they’re BIG. In fact, they’re so big you’ll think Kirk or Spock or Riker or Data is right there in your bedroom, den or family room with you. They’re so big you’ll believe the Enterprise NCC-1701 or the NCC-1701-D is in orbit in your bedroom, den or family room. We think/hope you know where we’re going with this. Star Trek Fatheads are available… now!

So far, the Star Trek Fathead line includes: TOS: Captain Kirk, TOS: Spock, TOS: Enterprise 1701, TOS: Insignia, TOS: Insignia Junior Sized, TNG: Captain Picard, TNG: Commander Riker, TNG: Commander Data, TNG: Lt. Worf, TNG: Enterprise 1701-D, TNG: Insignia and TNG: Insignia Junior Sized. The Star Trek Fatheads vary in size; Picard, for example, measures 1’10” wide by 6’4” high, while the NCC-1701 measures 7’2” wide by 3’1” high and the TOS: Insignia Junior Sized measures 1’11” wide by 3’2” high. The Fatheads range in price from $39.99 to $99.99 each. As Fathead fans know, the life-size action images will stick on any smooth surface, are safe for walls, and can be moved/re-used.

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