Star Trek fans across the globe have spoken. And your top 10 favorite Star Trek: The Original Series episodes – which will make up the Star Trek Fan Favorites Collection, available today –are, in order: 

1.    The City on the Edge of Forever

2.    The Trouble with Tribbles

3.    Mirror, Mirror

4.    A Piece of the Action

5.    Amok Time

6.    Balance of Terror

7.    The Doomsday Machine

8.    Arena

9.    Space Seed

10. The Devil in the Dark

The Star Trek Fan Favorites Collection is available now, for $9.99, on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu and Xbox; click on the links to purchase. To watch the episodes live click HERE. Fans chose the episodes via polls on, the Star Trek Facebook page and, “liking” their most cherished TOS episodes from a list of 30 pre-selected options.

So, did your episode(s) make the Collection?

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